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f i r e f l y l i g h t


The Thnikkaman
15 September
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name: chloe f. dykstra
date of birth: 9/15/88
grade: junior
location: sherman oaks, ca, usa
height: 5'9
weight: 124
current hair: copper-brown
eyes: blue-green
occupation: model/actress
status: single
current crush: seth macfarlane
band: the eels
song: anything by the eels, such great heights by iron and wine
voice: e, seth
movie: nightmare before christmas, monty python movies, rocky horror picture show, chicago, moulin rouge, beatlejuice, garden state
book: anything by francesca lia block or tamora pierce, harry potter by j.k. rowling, haunted, wuthering heights by emily brontë
animal: owl, rat, coyote, ferret, dog
color: green
flower: sunflower, daisy
hang out: la reina, toy mandala
disfunction: ocd

chloe [sokobikari]: the rat enthusiast. wears thrift store clothing and glasses too big for her face. wants to be an actress in la. hopeless dreamer. obsessed with unreachable people.
megan [hotaru_murakami]: first of the three best friends. in love with the king. lover of anime and the color green. best friend since forever.
chelsea [reiverguedet]: second of the three best friends. anxiety pill when neil lived in chloe’s house for 4 days. overly dramatic, overly lovely.
alora [limekle]: third of the three best friends. beautiful in every way, and dry sense of humor. chloe delights in making her laugh. friends since childhood with chloe’s ex-boyfriend, neil. Lives in mass-a-2-setts. plays bass.
jonathan [self_pollution]: number one of the three best guy friends. tall and skinny. glasses. girl/boy magnet. beautiful. funny. forever a child. scooterboy.
brian: second best guy friend. faded away with the addition of sydney into his life. when sydney disappeared, brian came back into chloe's life.
eli [boy_lost]: third of the three best guy friends. ddr maniac. filmlover. romantic. adorable.
seth: the obsession. creator and writer of family guy, as well as the voice of four of the main characters. really sexy.
chris: the obligatory gay friend. sometimes an asshole, always loveable. black hair, pink scalp. hickeys. don’t touch that.
evan [deathinanalley]: dark. carries around an empty cigarette holder because he's awesome. lives in an old haunted house with dusty books piled about. champagne. wears old Armani suits. smells of dust. friendly anglophile.
alex: raver. cute and dorky. girls love him. lots of parties. neon. colors. glowsticks.
matt: sort-of brother. co-star in painted forest. future roommate. del taco chicken soft tacos.
krisi [ak_princess89]: alaskan princess. belongs here. moved from Alaska. very smart. dancer. slightly ill. no thumbnails. drugs, alcohol, sex before age 13. parties down by the river.
neil [trapezzoid]: the ex-boyfriend. odd. extremely skinny. cross-dresser. tries to take chloe out of his life.
cecily and abby: gorgeous, close friends. they know Chloe’s secrets. they’re open minded. they let everyone see their insides. golden-hearted. trip-buddies. movie-lovers. chloe’s and cecily and abby’s mothers are in love.
emmy: super-hot sister of neil. Extremely talented. gorgeous. shy. lesbian lover.
liz [heyhero]: chloe and liz tend to have problems with finding dates, as they always end up being the same boys. former best friends.
the j twins: liz’s new best friends. chloe’s old enemies. former back-stabbers. love juicy gossip, and talking bad about people.
john: dad. funny, dry humor. semi-celebrity. invented dykstra-flex. FUCKING SCARY when angry. everyone thinks he’s sexy but chloe.
cass: mum. rarely calls her anything but “cass”. ultra-uber bitch. once threw an umbrella at chelsea’s head. known to get angry for no reason.
grandma: wears wigs. slightly eccentric. completely religious, but liberal. lives in fancy movie-star retirement home.
jinx: auntie. extremely eccentric. known to say things without thinking first. sort of looks like a man. cass’s sister.
julie: cass’s lesbian lover. cecily and abby’s mother. put a paper penis on inflatable spiderman.

online friends:
andrew [dancin_pigs]: nononononononononono.
ricki [amazingrando]: super cool. met in new york. tmbg concert. loves rats and owls and eels. impossible not to love. chloe still needs to send her her christmas present.
linda [suddencasualty]: awesome 13 year old. lives in tuscon.
beck [the_influence]: totally in love with dave. omg. realistic. down to earth. gorgeous. very intelligent.
dave [dave_o]</b>: funny, sweet, devoted to beck. awesome.
josh [lj user=on_a_limb]</b>: friendly and loyal. wonderful. stuck up for chloe. chloe owes him a million.
salem [salem]: sweetie. awesome commenter. would totally do her.
lauren [emissivity]: fun journal to read. text message!
sarah [sawibawi]: neil’s old lovah. chloe’s new lovah. amazing slam poet. (and foot fetishist)
lain [afrayedknot]: pretty asian. super sexy voice. mac user, gorgeous icon/layout maker. lives in Florida.
trudy [selphish]: rawk rawk on. loves manga as much, if not more than me. can read Japanese.
heather-rose [pockysodapop]: really amazing at making layouts. uber cute.

the wives:
alora [limekle]
emmy [emmycic]
linda [suddencasualty]
lind-zee [mandatexheaven]
sarah [sawibawi]

meaning: firefly light
created: august 25, 2003
paid?: yes
expiring: september 25, 2004
purpose: seth updates